Corporate service

Our service for optimal integration when changing your location.

  deutsch We guide our Corporate Service along your individual requirements and wishes.
It is our principle to organize the relocation of your staff as agreeable as possible.
  • A relocation is taking place. We are going to advise you in the orientational phase, starting with your arrival in Frankfurt. As soon as you are landing at Frankfurt Airport our Airport Pickup Service will be available to take you -free of cost- to your hotel or residence. During your trip downtown you will be supplied with information about the local Real Estate Market.
  • Until an individual and optimal settlement of your requirements has been archieved we will offer you the service of a Crash Accomodation, i.e. temporary arrangements like fully furnished apartments, making the transfer period easier for you and your employees.
  • Time planning and scheduling are delicate subjects and receive high-priority treatment in our company. Effective Viewing of objects is essential to spare your resources. You advise, we take care of the realisation.
  • Employees are humans - with personal preferences and wishes. A relocation is often a complete change of the living conditions your staff was used to. Fast integration is, therefore, the slogan of a frictionless settling and an effective start. This service is provided to help with the personal adjustments to the new environment. We make relevant individual inquiries and draw up a profile of cultural, social, transportational and other backgrounds (schools, kindergartens, etc.) of your new  residential area.
  • Our agency meets International Standards and our Customer Service is arranged correspondingly. But, in our opinion, international also means multilingual. Professional and rational diagnosis, resulting in a detailed and exact configuration of contracts, need not necessarily fail due to language barriers. Speaking other languages enhances trust and elimination of possible misunderstandings. You are served by a qualified team. Our repertory includes English, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

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