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Underneath youŽll find various interesting websites for foreigners moving to Germany, some of them written in a formal short form, just containing information -others (like vossnet and gogermany)written by an expatriate to help people moving to Germany.


Everything considering your residence and housing issues


Making Germany Your Residence:


Working in Germany:

Assignee vs. Employee: Information at: www.gogermany.about.com
How to find a job and get the right paperwork: Information at: vossnet.de
Residence permits: Information at: vossnet.de
Foreigners who wish to remain in Germany for longer than three months must obtain residence permit.
 Housing in Germany:
Housing in Germany (general): Information at: www.expataccess.com
Housing Rental Costs Information at: www.expataccess.com
Housing Issues Information at: www.expataccess.com
Lease terms in Germany Information at: www.expataccess.com
or see, less detailed for all housing topics: Information at: pages.vossnet.de/aussies/htg/renting.htm
Finding and Equipping a Home (other topics: Appliances...) in comparison to the States Information at: www.gogermany.about.com
Voltage, TV, Sources, Links for electricity and appliances Information at: www.german-way.com
Insurance Information at: www.netspace.net.au
  Insurance is extremely important to every German and generally in German society

Children, schooling and education

Raising children in Germany Information at: expataccess.com
Education and school Information at: pages.vossnet.de
National education in Germany-generally summarised and introduction to international schools Information at: pages.vossnet.de
International schools in Germany Information at: expataccess..com
Interesting facts-worth knowing for your integration
Customs, Courtesies & Taboos Information at: pages.vossnet.de
Another rather entertaining website about all you have to know about German ways
Peter Luiks services, online drills, drivers license, all his Infomations, jokes! Information at: www.training-for-germany.de
What you should do before you leave Germany Information at: www.expataccess.com

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